E Light (IPL+RF) System

E-Light machines combine both IPL and Radio Frequency technology.IPL stand for Intense Pulse Light. IPL Hair Removal Machine technology uses light source with a spectral range. Due to their broad spectrum light source, IPL are differentiated from laser machines. Radio Frequency (RF) technology is used for skin treatment like skin tightening for all types of skin. RF is commonly used for treatment of the neck, forehead, under the eyes, mid face and cheeks.

E-Light is a complete treatment machine for facial treatment which includes treatments like hair removal, skin rejuvenation and acne treatment. The major advantage of the E-light systems is that the frequency reaches deeper down and has no effect on the melanin; this is something which is missing from the IPL.

E-light is the only system in which you can not only rejuvenate the skin but also remove the minimally pigmented hair on the skin. E-light is more effective as compared to IPL; it does not even have the minimal side effects which are caused by the IPL. As the time passes the result of the treatment becomes more visible resulting in rejuvenation, glowing and younger looking skin.

E-light machines has a big edge over others that the system could be individually configured according to the skin and type of hair treating being treated on which helps in producing better results. Usually a treatment could require five to six sessions for complete results, and in severe cases it can take up to eight to nine treatments.

There are a couple of precaution to take before a treatment which includes no sun bathing , shaving the area to be treated couple of days before the treatment, no bleaching of the hair. Our company Danye Optical Co;Ltd is located in Guangzhou, China and is a manufacture of these equipments. Some of our best selling models are DY-B1 and DY-B3.