IPL Hair Removal System

IPL stand for Intense Pulse Light. IPL Hair Removal Machine technology uses light source with a spectral range. Due to their broad spectrum light source, IPL are differentiated from laser machines. IPL is used for cosmetic improvement of the skin.IPL is a gentle and safer way for skin treatment as compared to the laser treatments.

IPL is based on the most modern medical technology designed to work several time faster as compared to the old traditional laser machines. It is the best technology currently available in the market for permanent hair removal and IPL is being widely used all around the globe. Application of the Intense pulse light is done on the area of treatment.

An inclusion of an IPL system in your spa, clinic or saloon will help you offer different and newly created range on beauty therapies for your clients. These treatments include a number of different therapies like permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation, face lifting and tightening, acne management, vascular therapy and many more. The treatment needs around 30 minutes. IPL can remove up to 90% hair on your body.

There is no major pain or side effects of the IPL treatment. You could be experiencing a little Redding or slight hot at the time of the treatment. For an IPL treatment you would roughly need around five to six different sessions with gaps. IPL tends to be much more time effective and cost effective as compared to other treatments and methods.

A saloon can opt for both a portable IPL or can event go for a Professional High powered one depending on their needs. Our company Danye Optical Co;Ltd is located in Guangzhou China and are manufactures of high quality aesthetic and medical equipment. There are different models for IPL Hair Removal Machine being manufactured. Some models are for portable use and others are high powered professional use machine. We also manufacture E-Light systems which combine both RF and IPL. Some of the IPL models available are DY-A1 , DY-A2 , DY-A3, DY-A4, DY-A5 and DY-A6.