Laser Tattoo Removal

Genuine Laser Tattoo Removal Machine - Model DY - C301

There are many methods of tattoo removal in the aesthetic world but all of them donÃât give the same results. Few methods are chemical peels, cryosurgery, demabrasion, salabrasion and surgical excision. Unfortunately of these above listed methods are not so good for health they cause scarring and hypo pigmentation.

Continuous wave laser method is also not so good with respect to after affects. q switch yag laser tattoo removal machine has come up with some good results. Laser type to be used for removal depends upon tattoo ink color. Some patients are first recommended to contact the tattoo artist to get information about the ink used.

These types of treatments vary with respect to patentÃâs skin category. Complete removal of pigment is comparatively tough for light skins. Also old tattoos sometimes canÃât be permanently removed.

q switch yag laser tattoo removal technique is also termed as giant pulse formation technique. In this method, a pulse output beam is produced. Another method of pulse generation is mode locking. Q switching methodology utilized low pulse repetition rates and typically long duration of pulses.

Q switch method was first introduced in late 1950s whereas properly demonstrated in early 1960ÃÃâs. In addition to Q switch, IPl technology used in permanent hair removal machines has also become very much successful in aesthetic world.

Working principle of q switch yag laser tattoo removal machine is based on attenuator and a resonator. Attenuation decreases the q factor of optical resonator. If q factor is kept high it will result in low losses of resonator.

Q switching is mainly done in two classes which are active switching and passive switching. Different tools had been used for the purpose of tattoo removal. Before the introduction of laser technology, dermabrasion was one of the popular methods of tattoo removal. Now days laser tattoo removal through q switch yag laser is a noninvasive method of tattoo removal. Yag laser can remove even darker inks tattoos.

After the increasing number in popularity of tattoo the use of Yag laser tattoo removal machines have increased a lot. Q- Switching is also known as giant pulse formation. It is a technique though which laser produces a pulsed output beam. The pulse produces very high power which can be constant. Tattoo Lasers are designed in a way to target the dermal layer of the skin and shatter it.

Different wavelengths are used for different color inks tattoo removal. The greatest advantage of q switches yag laser method is that it has minimum side effects as compared to previous methods. Normally 5 to 20 visits of patient is required for completed removal of tattoo through laser technology.