Ultra Cavitation Slimming

Liposuction Cavitation Slimming Machines

Our Company Guangzhou Danye Optical is the leading manufacturing company of aesthetic and medical equipments. Some of our models are DY-D2 AND DY-Y3. One of the modern technologies for slimming is the Ultra sonic Cavitation System. These systems provide a new way for reducing and generalizing localized fat. Ultra Cavitation is a system with multiple technologies. Main applications are Skin Rejuvenation, deep fat blasting, cellulite reduction and body shaping. In additon to this, Danyemachines have great experience of exporting q switch yag laser tattoo removal machines.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment:

Ultra Cavitation is considerably the most effective technique for body shaping, fat burning, skin tightening and cellulite reduction. There are a number of advantages of liposuction cavitation slimming machines. The biggest advantage is that you can reduce your fat without going through the painless surgeries. High tech systems ensure you safety and results. The treatment requires no scars, no after treatment and does not require anesthesia. The treatment is painless.

Uses of Liposuction Machines

The cavitation machines can be used for Thighs, Hips, Abdomen, upper arm and areas of localized fat, but cannot be used for back, chest, head and neck. Liposuction Ultra Cavitation machines are highly effective and are capable of reducing fats up to 2lb in a single session. A complete treatment session could take around forty minutes to one hour for a complete treatment for preparation to results. One other important part of the treatment is drinking a lot of water before and after the treatment.

Usually eight to ten treatments are needed for the desired results but can start noticing the difference form the third session onwards. There should be at least a gap of one weak. Ultra Cavitation machines is not used to lose weight or a treatment for obesity, instead it is used for shaping and toning of your body.